Magic Shine Car Clay Bar Sponge


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Magic Shine Car Clay Bar Sponge can polish your car surface to be as bright as a mirror and maintains a smooth, clean finish. Unlike ordinary clay bar with 1-2 times usage only, this magic sponge serves up to 15-20 times with noticeable effect. 

Simply rub the detailing clay across your car surface, it will actually trap the bolts and toxic particles, leaving a fresh finishing car look. Cleaning all kinds of stubborn blots such as rust, grease, dead insects contamination and over-spray, etc.

The car clay bar sponge is Made of alumina silicon carbide and sponge with good flexibility. Serves up to 15-20 times with rapid and effective decontamination. Never leave scratches and residues on your car surface.


  • Material: Alumina Silicon Carbide, Sponge
  • Dimension: : 8cm x 4cm x 2cm


  • 1pcs Magic Cleaning Clay Sponge 

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