Real Carbon Fiber Cross Pendant Chain Necklace


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Designed With The Carbon Addict in Mind. 1 Solid Piece of carbon Hand Crafted and Cut into a Stunning Cross. Coupled with a Small Ball Bearing Chain to give it that Elegant Look We all Seek.

This simple yet very Inspirational combines a Latin cross with the modern edge of black carbon fiber inlays. Contrasting styles create a very modern look with a Wide appeal. The piece is paired with a 24 inch chain for an extra masculine feel. 

Take your love of crosses to the next level with this stainless steel men's cross pendant necklace. The details along the body of a man's cross wonderfully intricate touch to the pendant, yet the piece manages to retain its simplicity and elegance. The high-polish finished suit gives even the simplest that extra special touch.


  • Item Name: Necklace
  • Material: Carbon Fiber

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